About Lee Nadler

About Lee Nadler

Over a 20+ year career, Lee Nadler has lead marketing for several successful companies and initiatives, including: DoubleClick which he joined in 1996 as its’ first head of marketing and then establishing DoubleClick Japan and Australia; launching new products and partnerships for BMW; creating unique promotions for Snapple; penetrating new markets for Yahoo!; shaping the presentation for NYC to host the Super Bowl; and recently expanding the brand platform for Gilt Groupe.

Lee has also built and led two marketing agencies/firms. He was CEO of Digital Pulp until late 2001, one the leading digital marketing agencies in the US at the time. Sherpa Marketing was formed in 2002 to collaborate closely with great companies and inspiring individuals to reach their Summit of Success.

In May 2012, Lee joined the BMW Group as Marketing Communications Manager for MINI. He is responsible for managing unique, multichannel, MINIcentric marketing programs in US. He oversees MINI’s three agencies and has overall responsibility for: online and offline advertising creative & media; MINIUSA.com on all platforms, digital/video marketing, social channels, multicultural marketing and research. He lives in NYC with his wife and daughter and currently Motors in a tricked out 2014 MINI Countryman Cooper S nick-named “Bluepee Oreo.”

Beyond his functional expertise, Lee has gained a unique perspective by learning from Sherpas, on two trips to the Himalayas, including a month long trek to Mt. Everest in 2012.

It started in 1998 when he was invited on an Expedition with other marketers who provided pro-bono advertising to the non-profit Outward Bound. They trekked through the Annapurna foothills of Nepal with Sherpa guides. That experience opened Lee to the unique Sherpa culture and spirit. And it provided a fresh perspective that he incorporated into his life and business.

Among those Sherpa principles are: Leading with quiet confidence. Commitment to team. Sense of purpose. Positive energy. Calm during tense situations. Acceptance of mistakes. Perseverance. Selflessness. Compassion. Trustworthiness. And laser-like focus on achieving a goal. The principles have become Lee Nadler’s guideposts. He maintains a blog at www.TheSherpaPath.com.



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