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Discovering Truth:
How to Navigate Between Fact & Fiction in an Overwhelming Social Media World

by Tim Love

Discovering Truth is an insight-filled exploration of the role of media in communications and how today's social media affects trust in institutions and divides an increasingly polarized society. From the rise of fake news to destabilizing foreign and domestic extremist content, more information does not necessarily lead to more facts. Through the voices of experts and the efforts of an author whose long career is dedicated to marketing communications, Discovering Truth reveals how people have struggled throughout history in seeking and defining truth whenever new forms of communication influenced our values, culture, and the ways in which we receive and impart information. Importantly, author Tim Love offers ways to navigate the discovery of truth in a world where technology platforms instantaneously share and feed misinformation.

This book could not be timelier, as it offers a path to a future where we all might better discern between fact and fiction… if we are willing to do the work, ask the right questions, and see more than one perspective.

In addition to the experiences of the author, Discovering Truth draws inspiration from business legends like Paul Polman—former CEO of Unilever, John Pepper—former Chairman of Procter & Gamble and The Walt Disney Company, and Keith Reinhard—Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide, as well as contemporary leaders like Facebook's Will Platt-Higgins, VP Global Clients, Stephan Loerke—CEO of WFA/World Federation of Advertisers, Wally Snyder—Executive Director of the Institute for Advertising Ethics, Harvard Business School Professor Jeffrey Rayport and Dr. Augustine Fou, Cybersecurity, Anti-Ad Fraud Consultant and also includes perspective on the subject of truth from renowned ethologist Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Tim Love

About the Author

Tim Love is a former Vice-Chairman of Omnicom Group, the leading worldwide advertising and marketing services company and was raised in a household built on the rapidly growing television and radio sales and service in the 1950's His 42-year career in the advertising industry provided extensive global brand-building experience with some of the world's largest and most reputable advertisers: P&G, Nissan and Infiniti automobiles, PepsiCo, Unilever, Gillette, Mars, UBS, Kraft, Philips and Johnson & Johnson. His global focus for these clients caused him to live in Tokyo, Singapore, Brussels, and New York, obtaining first-hand experience with consumers in over 100 countries.

Release the Power of Entangled Marketing:
Moving Beyond Engagement

By Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp

Entangled Marketing is the new business model for building a supportive, enduring and mutually-rewarding customer relationship. Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp have created this thought-provoking business and marketing model through their vision of entangling the brand and the consumer in an unbreakable, ongoing relationship. They find fault with today's lockstep focus on engagement when advanced digital technology makes anything imaginable--truly doable. The book introduces many groundbreaking ideas centered around the ways a brand can provide meaning and value to customers to keep them in an ongoing relationship for life. The reader will be taken on a journey from the twentieth century's arm's-length relationships to the twenty-first century's "Zero Degrees of Separation." The authors maintain that bottom-line results improve exponentially when brand and customer act as a "one-plus-one" twosome. The ability to release the power of entangled marketing changes one's thinking about how marketing can work best in the digital age.

Stebastian and Stan

About the Author

SEBASTIAN JESPERSEN, CEO and founder of Vertic

Sebastian Jespersen is an innovator, business strategist, and a breakthrough digital thinker. He founded independent digital agency Vertic over a decade ago; today it serves some of the world's best-known global marketers and brands. He has successfully taken a start-up from the birth of the online marketing era through to the advertising world's new Internet battleground. Clients include Microsoft, SAP, Vestas, GE, Novo Nordisk, GSK and PayPal.

STAN RAPP, Co-founder of RAPP, M&A Innovator, Best-selling Author, Agency Business-builder, Public Speaker

Stan Rapp is a business builder who has twice served as Chairman/CEO of global advertising agencies with combined revenues now surpassing a billion dollars. As co-founder of Rapp Collins (recently rebranded as RAPP), he served as CEO of what grew to become one of the world's top-10 ad agencies with more than 50 offices worldwide.

The Reinvention of Marketing

By Deborah Malone

The marketing industry is undergoing dramatic transformation brought about by technology, globalization, and shifting economics. "The reinvention of marketing" is becoming a more critical issue as the industry looks to deliver purpose and meaning to brand values in a business world increasingly defined by social media, mobility, analytics, "big data," return-on-investment, and the need for global growth.

Learn from extraordinary individuals at leading companies who are reinventing contemporary concepts of marketing. Not only is marketing more critical now to every organization, but it can literally do good, transform brand and consumer relationships through honesty and passion, and even change the world. (Yes, marketing can make a world of difference.)

There's no question that today's always-on, accountable, social media environment has radically shifted the rules of "doing good business." Responsibility and transparency are now central to how any brand or business plays its proper role in society. More companies are embracing big, sustainable ideas that demonstrate true marketing innovation to deeply connect with customers' values. These ideals are simply CENTRAL to new marketing principles. When done right, business growth is often a result, and this new way of working truly represents a global revolution in marketing intentions and possibilities.


About the Author

Deborah Malone and founder of The Internationalist

Deborah Malone is an acknowledged marketing industry leader. She is the Founder of The Internationalist, which connects the people and ideas in international advertising, marketing and media through content, intelligence, thought leadership, community, collaboration and influence. She also started Ad Age International, served as Global CEO of the International Advertising Association, and is a champion for international marketing so it is credited as a significant business force for purposeful communications, consumer benefit, and brand growth.


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